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Satay Tofu


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
450 25 48 15.4
Calories Protein Carbs Fat
300 23.5 13.6 15.4
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The crowd is banging down the door for this tasty and exotic Satay Tofu! Made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, each bite of this pre-made meal is heavenly.

A smooth creamy satay sauce coats the tofu perfectly to create a taste of paradise. Served with jasmine rice and fresh green beans, this Satay Tofu is perfect for a post-workout fix!

Get our tofu peanut satay meal prep delivered straight to your door in Adelaide by ordering now! You can also order a fixed meal plan to have your week’s lunches and dinners sorted.

Trying to shred body fat? Go for our Satay Tofu Shred meal - all carb sources have been removed and replaced with a variety of fresh vegetables.

  • To eat, simply microwave our meals for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • The macronutrients of this meal are also on the label.
  • All our meals are freshly prepared by chefs.
  • Store meals in the fridge for up to 7 days.
  • Orders must be placed by Thursday Midnight for Sunday deliveries and Monday pickups.
  • If you’ve got special dietary requirements or allergies, create a custom made meal order today.

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