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Frequently Asked Questions

7 days fresh in the fridge.
The fresh produce is prepped, cooked, cooled and portioned over 3 days prior to delivery. This ensures you have the freshest meals for the week!

The meals are packed in a recyclable container and heat sealed with a film as the lid. This keeps any oxygen out and your food fresher for longer.
If you want to choose your own pre-made meals, the prices vary per meal. If you’re after a meal plan, prices start at $100 for 10 assorted meals.
Yes they are! But we recommend eating them warm as it’s far more delicious.
In the fridge for up to 7 days.
Yes, if the meals reach their best before date they can be frozen and stored for up to 3 months.
2-3 minutes in the microwave. If cooking from frozen, the meals will require longer.
Yes! In some meals, the vegetables are left fresh and then the 3 minutes in the microwave steams them to al dente.
They’re popular because they’re convenient, quick to make and delicious! Fit Chef’s pre-made meals are perfect for athletes, people on the go, gym junkies and anyone wanting to eat fresh, flavoursome food!
Fit Chef’s ready made meals are absolutely good for you! Pack full of fresh vegetables, strategic carbohydrates and lean protein, our meals are not only healthy but very tasty.
Yes we do! Custom made meals are available and can include FODMAP, keto, gluten-free and so on.
Simply go to our custom made meals page and fill out the online form. Add in your name, contact details and what you would like in your custom order.
The delivery day is only on Sunday. The times change from week to week due to different delivery runs, but we can arrange ETAs if requested.
No, but being fresh produce, it is recommended that someone is home to receive the order. But if not, we will leave your order with ice packs and insulated sheets, which will keep your meals cold for approximately 2 hours.

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$60 away from proceed to checkout!

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