The fit chef Difference

Fresh Recipes

We are innovators who are passionate about healthy lifestyle. That means we’re constantly thinking of new and improved recipes to add to our menu

Macro Balanced

We take the guesswork out of healthy eating. All our pre-made meals are packed with the recommended proteins, fats & carbs for your health and fitness goals.

Chef Prepared

Our professional in-house chef knows how to cater for all dietary needs, as well as how to keep things fresh and interesting.

Smash Fitness Goals

Muscle gain, weight loss, toning or shredding - each of our pre-made meals are packed with ingredients that are proven to get optimal results.

How it works

Our chefs design delicious, macro-balanced, fresh meals to support health and fitness.


Using local produce, our healthy meals are then cooked and packed in a recyclable, insulated box to keep them fresh and tasty.


You choose and order the pre-made meals or fixed meal plan that is best suited to your lifestyle and fitness goals.


We deliver your healthy, ready-to-eat-meal prep to your door, so you can heat and eat!


Pre-Made Meals

From vegan meals, to high protein meal plans and custom made meals, Fit Chef has taken the guesswork out of meal prepping. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, all our meals have the right protein, fats and carbs to help you maintain a balanced diet. Healthy eating has never been so flavoursome or easy!