Tone Up Pack

Tone Up Pack

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Boost your energy and power through any workout with our Tone Up Pack. With 10 macro nutrient balanced pre-made meals, this meal plan is perfect for food lovers, athletes, sports lovers and gym junkies!

2 standard meals a day, Monday to Friday, prepared fresh!

Meal prep for toning up

Fuel your body with all the right carbohydrates, healthy fats, lean protein and nutrients with our meal prep for toning up. From mouthwatering Honey Soy Chicken with healthy fried rice, Vietnamese rice noodle salad and Beef meatballs with mashed potato we’ve got your lunches and dinners for the week sorted.

With healthy meal prep made easy, you can focus on the things you love doing - whether that be running, cycling or pumping iron. Get the ready-to-eat Tone Up Pack delivered straight to your door in Adelaide and order now.

Please note the meals included in the pack are Chef's selection and are subject to change or have double meals due to product availability.