Low Carb Shred Pack Large

Low Carb Shred Pack Large

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Designed to help you get lean and defined, the Fit Chef Large Shred Pack is delicious, nutritious and freshly made. With up to 10 different LARGE pre-made meals, the Shred Pack has got your week’s lunches and dinners covered.

2 Large meals a day, Monday to Friday, prepared fresh!

Low carb meal plan: Shred Pack

With healthy variety and amazing taste, this one week shred meal plan is ideal for those looking to shred extra body weight or anyone who wants to enjoy lower carb meals.

In each meal, there’s 150g of cooked protein (either chicken or beef). All carb sources have been removed and replaced with a variety of fresh vegetables, including carrot, pumpkin, snow peas, cauliflower and capsicum.

Keto and Paleo dieters rejoice! With low carbs, our Shred Pack is also Paleo and Keto friendly.

Please note the meals included in the pack are Chef's selection and are subject to change or have double meals due to product availability.