Beef Burrito
Beef Burrito

Beef Burrito

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Calories Protein Carbs Fat
470 26.3 47.3 18.8
Calories Protein Carbs Fat
700 42.5 61.7 30.9

Rice, Beef Meat (Beef Meat), Cabbage, Tomato, Corn, Kale, Black Beans, Water , Sugar, Salt, Firming Agent (509), Food Acid (Acetic Acid), Apple Cider Vinegar (99.9%) , Apple Extract (0.1%), Lime juice, Onion, Sea Salt Flakes, Black Pepper, Oil fat (Olive Oil), Coriander Leaves0, Garlic, Chilli, jalapeno Chilli, Water , Food Acid (260), Preservative (202), Mineral Salt (509), Cumin (Cumin), Adobo Sauce, Water, Onion, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Soybean Oil, Chili Peppers, Spices, Chipotle Pepper, Paprika

This Tex-Mex classic will give you a fiesta in your mouth. Our healthy Beef Burrito offers the delicious combination of Mexican salsa marinated beef with dirty rice.

This is topped with jalapenos, black beans, corn, tomato salsa and crunchy red cabbage slaw.

Packed with the right amount of carbs, protein and veg, this pre-made meal is not one to be missed. Enjoy it for lunch or dinner, pre or post workout! We can tell you now, it will definitely be a hit.

Get your hands on this mouth-watering beef burrito. Order today and have it delivered straight to your door in Adelaide. You can also order a fixed meal plan to have your week’s lunches and dinners sorted.

Shredding? Go for the Beef Burrito Shred option - all carb sources have been removed and replaced with a variety of fresh vegetables.